About MasterJect

MasterJect is a Self-Injecting Medicating System, an innovative British product designed for today’s farmer.

Its purpose is to allow the farmer or stockman to administer multiple doses of medication in a safe, stress-free and efficient manner, It does this by being able to administer the medication without having to restrain the animal, and from up to a distance of 5 feet, while on foot, vehicle or horseback. It is primarily intended for cattle and swine and has successfully been used on any other thick-skinned stock animals such as deer, buffalo, ostrich, Tigers and llamas – to name a few.

Sure-Ject™ Technology

With Sure-Ject™ technology incorporated into the MasterJect injection system, there is no wastage. Unlike other injection guns or darting rods, MasterJect™ stops the medication flow immediately in the event of the animal pulling away from the needle. Simply re-introduce MasterJect’s patented spring-loaded injector to a suitable area on the animal and re-inject…the rest of the medication is then administered. It’s simple,clean,quick and easy-to-use.

About Our Product

MasterJect™ allows the farmer/stockman to work alone and without assistance, allowing for quick and efficient administration of the medication.Using the high-grade aluminium telescopic pole, the farmer can work from a safe distance to the animal, while at the same time maintaining precise control over the injection.Herd vaccination times can be halved using MasterJect™, handling problems are avoided,injections of multiple animals is faster than any other method and it is the only injection system to incorporate Sure-Ject™ technology…the ultimate tool for on-site,one-person stock medicating.

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