How MasterJect™ Works

MasterJectworks in two ways, making it the most versatile injection system available on the market.It can be used at arms length, using the rubber-gripped steel handle, or alternatively, an aluminium,telescopic extension fits in seconds, allowing the injection to be administered from up to 5 foot away.With the handle attached, MasterJect™ can be operated from vehicles, horseback and foot.

To operate MasterJect™, simply fit an appropriate gauge needle to the empty syringe.Slot the syringe into the Sure-Ject™ housing on the open side of the gun, and the needle will now be located between the spring-loaded mechanism.It is this open-sided design that enables MasterJect™ to be loaded and prepared faster than the conventional injection systems.Insert the needle into the medication and squeeze the trigger, the medication will be drawn into the syringe.MasterJect™ allows up to 20ml of medication per injection, and the syringe measurement can be seen at all times.

Once the proper dosage has been loaded, the gun is ready to be fired.Choose an appropriate location on the animal (see FAQ for guidelines) and press the needle into the animal. The spring reacts with the pressure from the animal's hide, and the gun fires, injecting the medication on a intramuscular level.The gun fires quickly, but at a rate that will not cause tissue damage or leakage.Release the pressure on the animal's hide, and the injection is complete.If a further dose is required, simply repeat the steps.For injections of multiple cattle/swine, the same needle and syringe may be used repeatedly, at the discretion of the administrator.If a high standard of sterilty is required, simply replace needle and syringe accordingly.Its fast, safe and very easy to use.

MasterJect™ incorporates Sure-Ject™ technology.This system prevents the waste and loss of medication and vaccinations.Should the animal pull away during injection, the spring-loaded mechanism instantly cuts off the flow of medication through the needle tip.There is no more second-guessing if the correct dose was administered, if the injection was unsuccesful, the remaining medication will still be visble in the syringe, and the rest of the dosage can be injected by simply re-applying MasterJect™ to the animal.

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