What MasterJect™ Does

MasterJect™ is the No.1 solution for the injection of cattle, swine and other livestock animals.Extensively field tested by veterinarians and farmers, MasterJect™ offers huge benefits in comparison to the traditional vaccination/medication methods.Constructed and designed by farmers for farmers, the rugged,durable MasterJect™ is made to last...

MasterJect™ allows the farmer/stockman to inject up to 20ml of medicine to an animal, without the need for any restraint, making it an ideal tool for both housed and grazing animals.When cattle or stock are loose, it can be both costly and time-consuming to transport and isolate each animal for medicating.MasterJect™ does away with the need for chutes, head gates and other restraints, which can prove stressful for any stock, especially sick animals.

MasterJect™ allows the farmer/stockman to work alone and without assistance, allowing for quick and efficient administration of the medication.Using the high-grade aluminium telescopic pole, the farmer can work from a safe distance to the animal, while at the same time maintaining precise control over the injection.Herd vaccination times can be halved using MasterJect™, handling problems are avoided,injections of multiple animals is faster than any other method and it is the only injection system to incorporate Sure-Ject™ technology...the ultimate tool for on-site,one-person stock medicating.


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